I had a dream last night, and I can not remember it, and yet the character of my day was deeply affected by this experience.

What is a dream bereft of all content, but a dream in its purest form? According to Zizek the manifest content, those things in our dreams that strike us plainly for what they are in a very literal sense, and the latent dream material, which is erected from an interpretation of the manifest content, are all conscious psychical material. Meaning, despite the common misconception that our unconscious somehow betrays itself in one or the other…

I was originally going to write a review of sorts of the Whole Lotta Red album itself, but writing about music is hard, and there’s folks out there who doubtless have already writ up some amazing reviews. So I ain’t doing that. Nope. But what we will talk about, because we MUST talk about it, is this performance he gave on NYE. If your’e not aware of the performance you may have come across an image of Carti singing and contorting himself in quite an unconventional manner. …

A critique like this is incredibly important when we consider the fact that our political lives are first and foremost oriented around an appreciation of images.

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Earlier today there was an uproar about AOC’s Vanity Fair Cover, or, more precisely put, everybody dunked on one person’s tweet criticizing AOC’s pricey White Suit in that cover. Once in a while, there comes a bozo, lowered from the heavens, that allows for the rest of us to look good. The right is reactive, and stupid, yes, but what do we have to say about the cover?

Conor McGuire

Graduate Student at CUNY Queens College

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